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International Patients

Non-Invasive Cardio Service
International Patients
  1. Frontier Lifeline Hospital has some of the world’s best Cardiac Healthcare Facilities, staffed by doctors with international qualifications & vast and varied experience.
  2. The cost of treatment is substantially lesser than in developed countries..
  3. For patients, the result is a win-win… situation, world class medical attention and patient care services.
  4. A large network of integrated healthcare services across India..
  5. World class medical facilities that use the latest technologies.
  6. A team of highly specialized, internationally trained doctors who are globally renowned for their expertise and skills.
  7. Seamless services and personalized care and attention.
  1. We will help you to get a visa.
  2. Please send us the following details via email (

Before your arrival, our International Patients Services Team will send you the name and contact details of the staffer being sent to meet you. This person will escort you to the hospital or accommodation. If you are unable to find the person sent to pick you up, all you need to do is call our Hospital Helpline.

Hospital itself having own guest house, we can arrange accommodation for you and your attendant close to the hospital, service apartments or luxurious 5-star hotels.

Facilities like hospital visits, on-call doctor, cab services and emergency ambulance can also be arranged by us.

Our International Patient Coordinator and Social Worker will liaise between you and the hospital.

He will arrange your appointments as well as the referrals that will be needed for various services like the outpatient clinic, laboratory and pathology, medical imaging, and inpatient surgical procedures.

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