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A healthy heart plays a vital role to help the body’s organs function smoothly. The major factor that affects heart health among individuals can be because of increased stress, and changes in their lifestyles and diet. A treadmill test or exercise ECG (Electrocardiogram) is also called a stress test. 

The treadmill test in Chennai helps to monitor the functioning of the heart in people who have a history of heart disease, who are at risk of heart disease, who have undergone a procedure related to the heart, or who are prone to diabetes. 

The cardiac stress test or the treadmill test is used to determine how far your heart can go before abnormal heart rhythms and reduced blood flow to the heart muscle occur. Doctors usually use it to observe the heart’s response to being pushed to a certain extent. Gradually walking on a treadmill becomes more difficult as the difficulty level is increased. 

Heart health is gauged by monitoring heart rate, electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), breathing, blood pressure, and how tired you feel throughout the process. Frontier Lifeline Hospital offers cutting-edge equipment and expert lab personnel to perform the treadmill test efficiently at an affordable treadmill test cost in Chennai.

Why TMT?

The treadmill test in Chennai at the Frontier Lifeline Hospital is performed to ascertain the following conditions.

1. To assess the patients with a prognosis, severity of disease, and evaluation of therapy. 
2. To determine the functioning of the heart, post a heart attack or angioplasty.
3. To detect repressed heart conditions like dizziness, lightheadedness, shallow breathing, chest discomfort, abrupt bodily weaknesses, or any other unusual symptoms. 
4. To identify a congenital heart problem like (CAD) coronary artery disease wherein arteries/blood vessels get clogged, diseased, or damaged. 
5. To check how well treatments for coronary heart diseases are working.
6. To monitor the efficacy of medications applied for curing the diseases like angina, ischemia, arrhythmias, and valvular disease. 
7. To detect labile hypertension at an early stage.
8. To discern any abnormal heartbeat rate due to the exertion caused by exercise. 
9. To determine a safe level of exercise for patients with heart disease.

Procedure to Perform a TMT

  • At Frontier Lifeline Hospital, the initial step of treadmill test in Chennai begins by placing the electrodes on the patient’s chest with the assistance of the technician or a nurse. The electrodes will then be connected to the monitoring and recording devices of the ECG (Electrocardiogram) machine through the wires. This is done to measure the electrical functioning of the heart. 
  • Prior to the beginning of the test, we will record the ideal heartbeat rate of the patient on a paper that has been recorded from the ECG. This is known as the resting ECG. Then, the treadmill is powered on at a relatively low speed meant to achieve an initial warm-up. After which, at gaps of three minutes, known as stages, both the incline and speed of the treadmill are increased.  
  • During the treadmill test in Chennai, the ECG machine which we use in our hospital captures the blood pressure reading at the second minute of every stage. Generally, stress tests like TMT (Treadmill Test) usually continue for 90 minutes from start to end. However, the actual exercise portion of the test can be covered within 20 minutes. At the point, when a patient develops an uneasiness doing the exercise, the treadmill test is halted before he/she attains the target heartbeat rate.  


  • If the information collected at the time of the test is normal, then there is no requirement for further tests. 
  • If the reports are normal but symptoms are still there, the patient may require further tests like a nuclear test, or another stress test from our experts to acquire accurate information. 
  • If the reports are positive and show that a patient might have coronary disease or other, then a treatment plan along with further tests may be required. 

At Frontier Lifeline Hospital, treatment protocols are strictly followed during the treadmill test in Chennai, and the staff here are highly trained with a multidisciplinary approach. In addition to minimally invasive procedures, our experts strive to provide our patients with complete and end-to-end assistance and care, including shorter recovery periods and hospital stays. 

Also, our extremely competent physicians, cardiologists, surgeons, cardiac electrophysiologists, anesthesiologists, internists, nurses, and lab staff are extremely alert to provide superior patient care. They take every possible measure to make the patient comfortable besides providing a reasonable treadmill test cost in Chennai compared to the other hospitals.   

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