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Pharmacy of Frontier Lifeline
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The main aim of the pharmacy in the Frontier Lifeline Hospital is to select, prescribe, deliver, administer and review medications to optimize patients’ outcomes. This best pharmacy in Chennai functions around the clock throughout the year in dispensing medicines for the inpatients and outpatients to provide pharmaceutical care with a high-quality service.

Our medical store Chennai has bulk stocks of all medicines and surgical items. All the medicines are procured by us from companies that set standards in quality. These mostly include standard companies holding good credentials.

What is Pharmacy?

Pharmacy is a health care service that constitutes the art, practice, and profession of selecting, preparing, storing, and compounding dispensing medicines and medical devices.
In the best pharmacy in Chennai, advising patients, nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals also takes place on their safe, efficient, and effective use. It is a specialized field that strives to continuously maintain and improve medication management and pharmaceutical care as per the highest standards in a hospital setting.

Services Offered by the Best Pharmacy in Chennai

Pharmacy Services

The dispensing is carefully done at the pharmacy counters by the pharmacists in this best pharmacy in Chennai by performing individual checks with the prescription. We make it convenient for the requirement of medicine to the special ward patients by serving them with a dedicated billing and dispensing counter. The online prescriptions which are received in this medical store in Chennai are handled by a team of pharmacists and support personnel.

Our pharmacists in Frontier Lifeline Hospital are well trained to educate both the patients and other healthcare professionals regarding the safe and effective use of the medicines in the hospital.

The dedicated pharmacists and supporting staff are experts in managing the medicine requirements for the patients in emergency and ICU cases. The drug counselor in the pharmacy aids the outpatients coming to this hospital with the intake of prescribed medicines, dosage, adverse effects, and drug-food interactions.

Comprehensive Services

The medication adherence team helps the patients by filling all of their prescriptions at one time and also discusses ways to help them afford it. If you have leftover medicines, you can take them to the pharmacy for safe disposal. This is one way of avoiding accidental ingestion.

Our pharmacies in Frontier Lifeline Hospital provide other comprehensive services including:

  • Immunizations
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Medical adherence and synchronization
  • Medical supplies
  • Refill services
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Specialty pharmacy services. 
Best Pharmacy in Chennai


Frontier Lifeline Hospital offers a wide range of immunizations including meningitis, Tdap, zoster, pneumonia and other childhood immunizations. It is not required to get an appointment or prescription to get the recommended vaccines. We accept most health insurance policies in this best pharmacy in Chennai. If you are not sure if immunization is right for your child. You can contact our pharmacist in the medical store in Chennai for more information on the recommended vaccines.

Treating minor ailments and health conditions

The pharmacists in this best pharmacy in Chennai are qualified healthcare professionals with the clinical know-how to provide help in times of need. They assess your minor illness and recommend the appropriate treatment, whether it’s over-the-counter medications including a few days of rest or a bit of reassurance. 

Examples of minor health conditions like sore throats, coughs, cold and flu, aches, and pains, tummy troubles, thrush, migraine, red eyes, and conjunctivitis. Hemorrhoids, sleeping problems, mouth ulcers, athlete’s foot, constipation and diarrhea, allergies, earache, warts, first aid and wound care.

Medication Delivery Services

If you are hospitalized, you may require to take medicines at home in a time of need. Using the medication delivery services in this medical store in Chennai, you can have the medications you need to be delivered straight to your room. This can be very convenient which helps you avoid stopping on the way home or waiting in long queues for your medications. You can save time and go home to heal and rest after availing of the services from this best pharmacy in Chennai.

Health checks

The best pharmacy in Chennai offers health screening tests like blood glucose, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol. Early detection and prevention are the keys to improving the long-term health of the patients. 

Examples of health care checks include a blood test, blood pressure, bone density scanning, bowel health screening, body mass index (BMI), iron testing, and zinc testing.

Support Services

Our pharmacist in this best pharmacy in Chennai will provide support services to the customers by providing palliative care for the elderly patients, supporting the patients to fix appointments, consultation and teleconsultation with the doctors, counseling on adverse side effects, arranging ambulance services and allocating rooms for patients. 

To sum up, if you want to seek advice about medicines, including how to take them, what are the reactions that occur, besides getting quality medicines, it is better to visit Frontier Lifeline Hospital as this best pharmacy in Chennai aids the patients regarding whether the medicines prescribed are suitable or not.

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