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Dr. K.M. Cherian is the first Indian surgeon to do a successful human to human Heart Transplantation in India after the Indian Government passed the Human Organ Transplantation Act. At Frontier Lifeline Hospital, Dr. K.M. Cherian and his team have done the largest number of Heart Transplantations, more than any other single center in India. He also has the record of doing two heart Transplantations in one night. Also one of the recipients was a young boy, 2 years old. He is the first and youngest Heart Transplant recipient in India.

Reena Raju, a recipient of Heart transplantation, has now entered her fourth year after her Transplantation. She has participated in a 10K Marathon, for three consecutive years, to raise money to help other recipients who are financially challenged. She has formed an organization, called Light A Life, to help raise funds for the non affording transplantation recipients. This organization collects money for anti rejection medications.

Dr. K.M. Cherian is now in the process of forming a separate and formal Division of Heart, Lung, Heart – Lung (together) Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support (Artificial Heart Program) at Frontier Lifeline Hospital. Dr. Jnanesh Thacker is appointed the Surgical Chief of this Division. He was a Senior Faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, which is considered as a Mecca of Organ Transplantation. He has extensive surgical experience in both Heart and Lung Transplantation and in Artificial Heart. He has done the first two successful Lung Transplantations in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Dr. Narayanswami, a Senior Cardiologist, has extensive experience in Management of both acute and chronic heart failure. He is also experienced in taking care of patients after Heart Transplantation. He is in charge of Heart Failure Clinic and Medical Cardiac Transplantation.

This Division offers the Recipient from all over India and probably the world a second chance to live with a new heart or lung. It will also offer Artificial Heart and Artificial Lung options as a bridge to Transplantation or as Destination Therapy.

The Thoracic Transplantation Team consists of highly experienced and knowledgeable Surgeons, Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, Intensivists, Anesthesiologists, Transplantations Coordinators, Clinical Immunologists, Blood Transfusion Medicine specialists, Infectious Diseases specialists, Psychologists, Dieticians, Social Workers, and specialists in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. The team also consists of Pastoral care.

The estimated expense of Thoracic Transplantations and Thoracic Organ Replacement will be tailored and made affordable for each patient. Dr. Cherian’s mission is to offer the world class technology, with world class patient management and care at an affordable cost.

The Division of Heart and Lung Transplantation is also affiliated to Medivillle Large Animal Experimental Laboratory Facility. There more than 50 large animals housed as per the government rules for the care of these animals. Surgeons from all over the world can be trained to implant different models of Artificial Heart here.

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