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Do you know that hundreds of people are anxiously waiting for blood in this city of Chennai with a population of 45 Lakhs? In Tamil Nadu about 4 lakhs units of blood is required per year on a very modest estimate. Blood cannot be manufactured in factories. Animal blood cannot be used for human beings. Blood donation for monetary gain may result in spreading of various infectious diseases. Hence is it not the social responsibility of each and every one of us to stop this unhealthy habit? Blood bank of Frontier Lifeline has involved itself in this task and seeks your help to fight against this evil.

To attain self – sufficiency in the availability of blood to accepted standards of quality, Frontier Lifeline has set up its own blood bank in June 2004. The Department of Transfusion Medicine is headed by a consultant and is fully equipped in terms of technical staff and modern laboratory facilities for grouping, screening, cross-matching and preservation of blood. Facilities for blood component therapy are available in our blood bank for patients requiring red cell, platelets, fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate. Preparation of blood components is done according to the needs of the patient.


Out of the normal quantity of about 5 to 6 litres of blood that circulates in the body, only 350 ml is donated which is one eighth of the blood in our body. The donated blood is restored in the body within 48 hours of donation. Blood donation does not lead to loss of health. Before you donate blood, expert doctors will check you up thoroughly.


You will feel only a pinprick for a few seconds. The Blood donation lasts only 10 mins. Blood donation is act of Love to save person in pain without any pain or loss to you.


Blood donation is a gesture of voluntary service to the society. There is no place for any monetary consideration in this. The blood units that are stored in the blood bank of Frontier Lifeline is obtained only from voluntary blood donors to ensure pure and healthy blood is given to the needy.


Not a day without some accident or other pass by. Those injured in the accidents invariably lose a lot of blood and need blood transfusion. Everyday Blood is also needed for surgeries. Kindly understand that blood donation is your sacred duty. You too can have the joy of saving another’s life!


Q: Who can be a Blood Donor?

A: Blood donors must be at least 18 year’s old weighing at least 45 Kg and not have donated within the last 90 days. You can be that special person understanding that Blood donation is an important life saving deed.

There are some medical conditions that keep you away from giving blood. Ask our staff if you have any concerns regarding your eligibility to guide you. The guidelines are set by WHO and government agencies. They are designed to protect you and the person who receives the blood from you.

Q: When I give blood what will happen first ?

A: You will be asked to provide some basic information such as your name, address, age, etc. A medial history is taken and then a drop of blood is analysed for hemoglobin content – the protein in your blood that carries oxygen through your body, your pulse, blood pressure and temperature will also be checked.

Q: How will I feel after the donation ?

A: Most people feel great ! Donors who have eaten regular meals before donating are usually fine. After donating, drink extra fluids for the next 48 Hrs.

Q: How soon after donating can I get back to routine?

A: After you give blood, you will relax for ten minutes and have a snack. You can then resume normal activity as long as you feel well. Just avoid lifting or pushing heavy objects for atleast 4 or 5 hours after giving blood.

Q: What happens to my blood after donating?

A: After donation, your blood will be tested for blood group & type, Hepatitis B & C, HIV Ag/Ab, Anti Hbc (t), VDRL,ALT & syphilis. It is then separated into components, such as red cells, plasma and platelets that can help several patients.

Q: How often can I give blood ?

A: You can give whole blood every 90 days.

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